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Gondola Extension Uprights

ESSI Store Fixtures

available for Lozier and Madix Shelving

Gondola Extension Uprights

Unit with integral connector inserts easily into top of shelving section Upright, set screws expand connector, solidly aligning assembly.

Order one Center Spanner (SC) for 6" thru 36" and two for 48" or larger.

Maximum load capacity is 200 lb. when loaded one side only.

Extensions upright end covers separately

Madix Extension Upright Pricing

Madix Extension Back Pricing

Add $5.65 for each Extension Upright End Cover

Lozier Extension Upright

Lozier Extension Uprights

Compatible with Lozier wall and gondola 4' or 3' wide shelving systems.  Lozier Extension Uprights are used to extend the height of existing gondola island and wall shelving systems.  Along with the extension uprights, backs and a splicer spanner is required to successfully extend Lozier gondola and wall shelving systems.  Factory installer connector to fit existing Lozier uprights. 

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Gondola Extension Uprights available for Lozier and Madix Shelving